This is Maki Ueda’s School for Olfactory Art.

About the olfactory artist Maki Ueda >artist’s page.

Click here for Online Workshop VOL. 1 – Extraction -.
Click here for Online Workshop VOL. 2 – Kodo – The Tale of Genji –

If you want to enjoy fragrances from Ishigaki Island (Okinawa), click here (only to be shipped domestically in Japan):
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The services offered at at the atelier (@Ishigaki Island) are “Couture Perfume Workshop” , “Local Herbs Distillation Workshop“and “Fragrance Tour“.

Reservations are required. There is no shop feature available to the public at the atelier. Because we value the atmosphere as a place of production, we do not allow you to just visit. Please be sure to call us for reservations.

If you would like to intern, please go to this page.

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