Things to Do in Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki Island is very popular these days. Many people visit us. We hope you will find this information useful for sightseeing. We will sell fragrance souvenirs of Ishigaki Island to those who visit this page (reservation required)! We also recommend our perfume making workshop to make memories of Ishigaki Island. Please contact us.

Ishigaki Island is a place of work for me, where I have lived for more than 10 years, so I am familiar with supermarkets and DIY, but you may know more about tourist information than me…. In this day and age, there is a lot of information on the Internet, and since your stay is so short, please use your intuition and go on an adventure. Everyone is friendly, and since you are in Japan, you shouldn’t have much trouble! Based on this assumption, I have compiled a list of my favorite places to go. These are the places that don’t really “look” good from a tourist’s point of view. The island is a fast-changing place, so please always check the latest information by yourself.

〜Food shops 

Here are some of the places I often go to relax. Rather than the “attractive” food that tourists are looking for, they are all common restaurants that are crowded with local customers. They are not Okinawan cuisine at all (laugh), and they are all in the countryside, and all for lunch. The locals choose restaurants that are not frequented by tourists. In truth, I don’t want to tell anyone about these restaurants because they don’t have a lot of capacity.

Teuchi-kishimen Kagi (handmade kishimen) (Ibaruma)
The aroma of the dashi broth is wonderful, and I love the total simplicity of the space with its wabi-sabi aesthetic. You must call to confirm because it is either closed or sold out quickly even if it is open.

Tonkatsu Chikara (Yonehara)
Tonkatsu restaurant in the same village. A hidden gem loved by locals for many years.

Kusabobo (Yonehara)
A restaurant in the same village. A hidden gem loved by the locals.

Cafe Akubi (Nosoko)
A hidden restaurant that you really don’t want to tell anyone about. Reservations required.

Ishigaki Shoten (Sakieda)
Vietnamese restaurant using Ishigaki ingredients. The restaurant is owned by musician Yoshiyuki Ishigaki. I sometimes go there when I want to eat ethnic food.

Shunya Banchan (Shiraho)
A restaurant that is affordable but tastes like a ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant). Reservations are required. Take-out daily meals Ban-chan is also available in town.

Smile Smoothie (Ibaruma)
Smoothies to accompany your drive. It also has a tasteful general store.

The following areas in town: I sometimes go there. From the top, in order of most frequently visited.

Ishigakijima Suisan Eat-in
I like fish, so when I eat lunch in town, I tend to go here for the cheapest option.

Chinen Shoukai’s Onisasa

Beef soup at Parlor Anburera

Yakiniku lunch at Misaki Gyu’s main restaurant

Easy to eat but with the taste of kappo (Japanese cooking). A favorite of local gourmets.

Yaeyama soba with seafood broth. It is easy to park a car here, so I usually go here for soba.


My son is pure vegetarian, grown up in this island. Here are some useful tips, even though there are few vegetarian places.

Tommy’s Bread (Yonehara)
A bakery in the same village. A hidden gem, loved by the locals for many years.

Garopan (Nagura)
Italian food. This is the home of my dog, Chiyoko. Order pizza margerita, or mix vegetable pizza, or 4 cheese pizza.

Forestale Uno (Nosoko)
(Closed as of 2023. But the lacquerware gallery is worth a visit) “Italian with Urushi”. You can enjoy Italian food in the forest with lacquerware made by lacquerware artists. Everything tastes more tender when served on lacquerware. A restaurant that satisfies all the senses. Order “tofu-yo-no-pasta”, a pasta that uses fermented tofu as a cream. It’s delicious.

Vegetarian cafe. I like soy meat, so I often go here because it is next to the gym.

Nuchigusa Cafe
View of the ocean yoga studio. Vegetarian curry is delicious.

Funakura no Sato
If you’re looking for a little celebration or date night, this is the place to be. Good atmosphere and local food both day and night.

Raikatsuyo (Kunatsuyu)
Yaeyama soba noodles with rich broth

Nutstown Coffee Roasters (when working remotely)
Rehellow Beach (for a resort atmosphere)
Puka Puka (when you want to enjoy the resort atmosphere)

〜Dinner at night

The top tourist favorites Hitoshi and Yamamoto are not options for us locals. There are other gourmet restaurants that are just as good and much cheaper. Basically, we don’t eat out much at night, but if we dare to go, it’s in order of how often we go there, from top to bottom. (Note: Don’t expect to see any “installations”.

Kaijin Izakaya & Sushi: Cafe Umi-no-Hana (Benefactor’s restaurant. (A favorite of young local families)
Kaijin Izakaya: Azumaru
Kaijin Izakaya: Genmaru Shinkawa
Kaijin Sushi: Eiko
Yakiniku: Higa-chan
Yakiniku: Otokichi
Yakiniku: Watanabe (High Quality)

Normal Izakaya: Teppen, Koteppen, Doteppen, Mannen Housaku, Raifuya, Funakura no Sato too

If you want to take your time to savor the pairings, Hoshinoya Taketomi Island, Fusaki “Hare”.

The local delicacy of Ishigaki Island is actually sashimi! Fresh tuna sashimi is available all year round. Most people buy sashimi and eat it at home. The “Sakana Tempura” is also addictive. It is fun to visit sashimi restaurants. (They are usually open after 2:00 p.m.) Donakata made this “Sashimiya Map” for us:


We also sell Ishigaki Island fragrances at our atelier! Reservations required. Please contact us.

Osato Shoten (Osato): hand-netted baskets, organic vegetables, etc.

Yachimunkan (Shiraho): For those who love hand knitting. Hands-on production available.

JA Yurateiku Market (in town): Local farmers’ market

KAYAK (in town): A select store with good taste

Hellow Campers (in town): For camp lovers

Ichigusukumode (in town): T-shirt shop

~Fun and games

Ma Pei Mountaineering (Nosoko): There is a trailhead where you can cheat your way up from the middle of the mountain

Mt. Yarabudake (Sakieda): I hear it’s spectacular! I’ve never been there and want to go.

Crystal Beach (Yamahara) Bring a colander and pick up crystals!

Science Garden (Kabira, closed)

Otemaru ni: Parking with a view of Kabira Bay + of course, Kabira Bay.

Sunset drive along Nagura Bay

SUP and other nature guides are recommended by Nijiro no Sakana

Sabani tour in Kuura village, Yoshida Sabani Tour
Snorkeling on a traditional Okinawan sailing boat, the Sabani, is a unique and rewarding experience!

Shisa experience at Rinka (Yamahara)


Of course, we also offer incense preparation at our atelier! It is currently very popular among foreigners.

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石垣市桴海654近辺 週末のみオープン?

ナチュラル系アクセサリー屋さん。私がつけているアクセサリーはほとんどここのもの! ビーチの漂着物が、アクセサリの素材。とてもセンスのいい友人です。


アトリエのある米原エリアが、石垣島でいちばん魅力的なエリアと自負してます! アトリエはなんと、米原ビーチを含む国定公園内に位置します。ちょっと西表島みたいな雰囲気もあり、波照間のように星もきれいで、石垣島を何倍も楽しめますよ。バスの本数が少なく不便なので、レンタカー必須。

サウスシー  大人数 一棟貸し(徒歩15分)


青の洞窟 大人数 一棟貸し(アトリエのほぼ隣)

Regina Ishigaki 大人数 一棟貸し(徒歩3分)

リッチリゾン 個室Bed and Breakfast 手軽な素泊まり宿泊施設(徒歩1分)

moment of island 2名様 一棟貸し(徒歩10分)

米原ビーチステイLuana 家族向け一棟貸し(徒歩10分)



星のや 竹富島


Villa Nohoho