Pre-orders for the new journal of olfactory culture Alabastron, to which I contributed an article, are now available!

Recently I’ve been challenging a new carrier: academic writing. From my background of exhibiting various olfactory art installations, I got interested in meta-communication in olfaction depicted in Japanese classical literature, mainly The Tale of Genji. However this essay has nothing to do with my art – purely an academic essay.

Title: “Oikaze: The Role of Heian Scent Culture and Olfactive Communication in The Tale of Genji”
Author: Maki Ueda

SHIPS JULY 10, 2024

Alabastron launches soon.
We’re thrilled to announce that Alabastron is available for preordering.
A journal that bridges the gap between academia and the public to explore aromatic history and culture, Alabastron is co-edited by Nuri McBride and Saskia Wilson-Brown.