Welcome to Maki Ueda’s Academy for Olfactory Art.

About the olfactory artist Maki Ueda >artist’s page.

Online / remote education on art and olfaction: Fragrance Art Course I, available to ship the education materials overseas.

Workshops offered at our studio in Ishigaki Isl., Okinawa: Reservation required.
Couture Perfume Workshop
Local Herbs Distillation Workshop
Fragrance Tour

There is no shop feature available to the public at the atelier. Please be sure to call us for reservations.

Online shop offers fragrances from Ishigaki Island, Okinawa (only to be shipped domestically in Japan so far): Online shop

Intern: currently not available.

Online Workshop Events in the past:
– VOL. 1 – Extraction – Click here (finished)
– VOL. 2 – Kodo – The Tale of Genji – Click here (finished)

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