Now that there are a lot of artists making olfactory art works, I receive a lot of questions daily from all over the world on extraction method for making installations. Every case is different. If you need my advise, I’m happy to help you out, but with a little fee to continue supporting you all in sustainable way. Please purchase the advisory ticket here. Our company secretary will then get back to you to your email address wired to paypal account, for making an appointment. (Not the other way round, since emails could get lost easily in spam box).

JPY 5,000 (approx. 40 EUR) for min. 30 min ZOOM session.


1. Fragrance Branding

I want to help those who want artistic things rather than common aroma solutions such as a slightly unusual novelty or production. I will provide you with something full of surprises and intellectual play by making use of my background as an artist.

Recently, there are many projects to brand local fragrances. I have also produced room diffusers that reproduce “scents that are unique to us” by making full use of our unique technology for extracting scents from materials.

It is also possible to consult on an hourly wage system or make a plan according to your budget. Basically, I support it online on Ishigaki Island, and I regularly go on business trips to Tokyo.

When consulting, please specify the outline of the plan, budget, evaluation criteria (number of customers, novelity, etc.) in advance, and call after sending an email.


  • Artistic presentation for Mazda France Anniversary Party in Paris, France, Sep 2020
  • Artistic exhibition at Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel, Nov 2021
  • Advisory contract for fragrance business startup. (2018-2019, a certain UX design company)
  • Advice from the viewpoint of fragrance when building a privately owned guest house. (2019, Ishigaki Island, individual clients)
  • The fragrance of the candle of the original brand is produced. The theme is the fragrance of Ishigaki Island. (2017-2018, individual clients)
  • Production of regionally revitalized room diffusers using waxy flowers as they are (2018, individual clients)
  • Artistic exhibition at a bar: Production of fragrances and novelty in spaces such as lobbies (2017, Art Hotel Ishigaki-Isl.)
  • Skin care product fragrance concept and exhibition. (2010, Mr. Amframans _tilde)

Fragrances made so far

  • Marnie (Ishigaki Island)
  • Sagaringbana (Ishigaki Island)
  • 2008-2019 (Ishigaki Island)
  • RyukyuMatsu (Ishigaki Island)
  • Kumayu (Ishigaki Island)
  • Moon Tachibana (Ishigaki Island)
  • Yakagi (Ishigaki Island)
  • Sanpin/Jasmine (Ishigaki Island)
  • Moon Peach (Ishigaki Island)
  • Seekwaser (Ishigaki Island)
  • Scent of stars (Ishigaki Island)
  • Akado (Ishigaki Island)
  • Mud (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Deaf (Kanagawa)

Fragrances under development:

  • RyukyuMatsu (Ishigaki Island)
  • Iju (Ishigaki Island)
  • Water Lilies (Ishigaki Island)

2. Olfactory Workshop

I provide educational and welfare olfactory workshops using art methods, regardless of whether they are children or children.

Development case:

  • NPO’s kids workshop: Fragrant Sabon Workshop 2018.08.
  • Development of WS for Children (Ishigaki City / Tsundami Outdoor Festival) 2017.02.
  • Summer Vacation WS/Island Ingredients For Incense Making (Ishigaki City / Warabat) 2016 & 2015
  • Making incense with WS/island materials for adults (Tokyo Design Week) 2015
  • Games for the Sense of Smell (Loftwork WS for Designers in Tokyo) 2016.04.