Qualification: Fragrance Artist Level 1

Courses to foster creators that transcend the boundaries of aromatherapy, incense, perfumery,

etc etc….

This course is designed to nurture creators who transcend the boundaries of aroma, incense, and perfumery. This course is also recommended as an introductory course for those who wish to become perfumers or aromatic perfumers in the future. You will receive authentic training in perfumery and olfaction under the direct supervision of a world-renowned award-winning olfactory artist.

Based on the content of the perfumery school in Grasse in southern France, this is an original teaching material with much of what the artist himself has learned through his activities as an artist and from his real life.

The beauty of this program is that you will receive individual or group coaching once a month from an active writer, who will support you in your creative activities. Even if you don’t know what to do yet, we will support you to draw out something from the conversation and help you to “self-express” or “self-realize” through fragrances. We also provide fragrances for this purpose.

Our award-winning perfumers are connected to the world’s top perfumers and their scene, so you will have access to the most up-to-date information.

Upon successful completion of this course, we will award you with the “Fragrance Artist Level 1” certification.

Examples of our members’ activities

Upon completion of the course, students are awarded the title “Fragrance Sommelier ™️ Fragrance Art Course Completer” to honor fragrance specialists.

So far, around 50 people have completed the course (as of 01.04.2023). The following is a list of the activities of current students and graduates of the course.

  • Worked in the flavor and fragrance laboratory of a flavor and fragrance company
  • Working as a perfumer for an indie brand that he established by himself
  • Oud: improvised aromatic artist, performing live with noise musicians, etc. For more information, click here.
  • Branch: She has been working as a perfumer at a temple in Tokyo, and has been involved in the creation of incense using materials from the temple grounds. She later launched his own brand of incense, Branch. 
  • Aroma Cafe Kahorito

Other students include incense sake specialists, musicians, dancers, photographers, architects, and many more. We are planning to keep in touch with all of them for a long time as our artist’s most reliable disciples and fellow creators.

Course Content

Distance learning to be completed in 20 lessons

We will send 5-10 sample fragrances (0.5ml) per lesson. Textbooks will be sent to you via email in PDF format (printing option available for a fee). You will read the text book by yourself (average of about 10 pages in A4 size per lesson!) You can also ask questions during online individual sessions using Zoom(10 tickets will be provided). You will receive the materials whenever you want to start, so it is a “one-on-one lesson”.

While learning the basic fragrances for perfumery, students will also learn how to create accords (harmony). Since smell is subjective and difficult to convey, the course is conducted while learning the language for communicating with others.

LESSON 08, 09, 10, 18, 19, 20 are composition (making accord) lessons. We will send you a lot of actual fragrances and assignments. You will have a lot of fun and excitement as you create and blend your own eau de cologne and parfum recipes (schemes).

You will also learn the science of ingredients and extraction techniques of each fragrance at the same time. There will be some chemistry involved. However, the most important thing is the poetic sense.

Once you understand the basics of perfumery, you will be able to make simple perfumes from scratch, as well as creative applications such as using synthetic fragrances in combination with candles and room fragrances to create a space.

The textbook is based on what the artist Maki Ueda learned in a short intensive course at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, Southern France, and has been composed in a way that is easy to understand for beginners, using a variety of references from her own perspective and experience as an artist. (Contents are subject to change)

LESSON 01: Natural Fragrances RUSTIC/ANIMALIC NOTES & EXTRA: Extracting Natural Fragrances
LESSON 04: Natural Fragrances SPICY/FLORAL(1) NOTES
LESSON 06: Natural Fragrance RESIN/ROSY NOTES
LESSON 08: Accord of Natural Fragrances EAU DE COLOGNE (Composition)
LESSON 09: Accord of FOUGERE (Composition)
LESSON 10: Accord of CYPRE (Composition)
LESSON 14: Synthetic Flavoring SWEET/SPICY/FLORAL(1) NOTES
LESSON 18: Synthetic Fragrance Accord (Composition)
LESSON 19: Synthetic Fragrance Accord, Study of Model Perfumes (Composition)
LESSON 20: CREATION: Creation of an original perfume (Composition)

Daily life become a place to study fragrance
We breathe constantly. We inhale and exhale, and with each breath we unconsciously catch a lot of smells. The sense of smell should be the most instinctive sense in all living things, but how conscious we are of it nowadays? With the motto of “using everyday life as a teaching tool,” we actively study aromas, even through familiar foods such as tangerines and lemons. You will be able to see the invisible and feel the richness of your usual, ordinary life.

You will also learn how to extract aromas from food in a kitchen. 

What you will take back

Benefits (subject to change without notice)

Individual Sessions  

We have individual sessions (30 minutes, Zoom). 10 tickets will be provided to you. Or, if you visit Ishigaki Island, we will offer tea time at our atelier. (Workshops are available at a discounted rate.) We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the text via SNS chat.

Recommended for the following people

  • People who want to become a perfumer (aromatic perfumer)
  • People who want to learn aromatic perfumery
  • Have learned aromatic perfumery before, but want to broaden their range of aromas.
  • People who have been making incense but feel that incense made with essential oils has a monotonous aroma.
  • People who want to enjoy fragrance as a pure pleasure, not as an effect.
  • People who would like to create a space with fragrances, including synthetic fragrances.
  • People who are interested in the culture of fragrance beyond the framework of kodo, aroma, etc.
  • People who want to create original fragrance works using familiar flowers and plants.
  • People who want to start their own original small business (side business) with fragrance.
  • People who want to use fragrance in their own specialized field (e.g. hair salon, restaurant, etc.)
  • People who are interested in “olfactory art” classes offered at art universities in the Netherlands.
  • People who want to express themselves or self-realize through scent, or who want to create creative design or artwork (e.g. spatial scenting).
  • People who have a fetish for smells or love perfumes
  • People who are interested in smells and fragrances and want to make loose friends.
  • People who cannot benefit from urban, face-to-face courses or online salons (I myself live in a remote area…)
  • People who want to learn and explore at their own pace, not in a group class format.
  • Keywords:
  • olfaction, smell, aroma, body odor, five senses, perfume, perfumery, art, design, creation, cooking, taste, aphrodisiac, pheromone, essential oil, chemical, synthetic, natural, extraction, distillation, aroma, aromatherapy, healing, health, breath, perfume, perfume, fragrance, incense, incense way, deodorant, life, flower, herb

How to subscribe

Price / how to start

Please contact us via email: pepeandmaki@gmail.com for any inquiry. (What’s app: +81-90-7711-6005)

Total price for 20 lessons: 290,000 Japanese Yen

including: 10% government tax

– International bank transfer costs
– Fedex shipping cost, which varies depending on a country, for example to Hong Kong it is about 20,000 yen. (We will make an estimation on request)

About the Teacher

Artist MAKI UEDA is an “olfactory artist” who creates installations using smells and scents and exhibits them in museums in Europe. She is one of the leading artists of olfactory art, which is becoming popular worldwide. She is listed on Wikipedia in English and Japanese under her real name.(Maki Ueda)

She continues to teach regularly at art universities in the Netherlands. After living in the Netherlands for about 10 years, she moved to the beautiful seaside of Ishigaki Island in 2014, where he established the atelier PEPE at the foot of the mountain, and is currently engaged in scent tourism and olfactory education.

In 2016, she was selected as a finalist in the Art and Olfaction Awards, a global olfactory art award, for her work “The juice of war – Hiroshima and Nagasaki”, in which she created smells simulating the world after the atomic bombings. She has been selected as a finalist every year since then, and won the Grand Prize in 2022 for “Viral Parfum,” a work that compares the Corona virus to an aroma.

She has developed her own technology to extract and “perfumeize” the aroma of miso soup, earth, and even human body odor. He has been featured in numerous international media such as the BBC and NY Times Magazine as a motivational force for many olfactory artists worldwide.


1997 B.A. in Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
1999 Graduated from Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
2000 Stayed in the Netherlands as an overseas student of young artists dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
2001 Moved to the Netherlands
2005 Started Olfactory Art
2007 Overseas student of POLA ART FOUNDATION, stayed in Holland and Belgium
2007 Completed the summer course at the perfumery school of Grasse (ASFO/GIP)
2008- Lecturer in olfactory art at several art universities in the Netherlands
2009 World Technology Award Finalist Category Art (NY)
2014 Moved to Ishigaki Island
2017 Keynote Speaker at the Olfactory Art Prize Art and Olfaction Summit (Berlin)

2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2023 Olfactory Art Prize Art and Olfaction Finalist 
2022 First prize winner of the Olfactory Art Prize Art and Olfaction

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