Atelier PEPE is a private workshop located on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa.
We are a private studio, so please make a reservation for one of the following menus if you want to visit us.
– Reservation is required.
– Reservation can be made up to 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, please call us.
– The dates not on the itinerary are still undecided. (We will set up the available dates about a month in advance.)


Currently available workshops: Couture Perfume Workshop and Distillation Workshop. Please make a reservation from the calendar.


One-hour atelier tour, personalized and limited to one group. Please purchase this ticket and make a reservation from the itinerary above. In a relaxing salon-like setting, you will be introduced to each of the pieces in our online store, along with their individual stories. You can purchase at the lowest price without shipping charges. If you wish, we can show you a selection of Maki Ueda’s olfactory art works from the past, along with their scents.


For the ISLAND SCENT TOUR for a corporate research tour, please contact me via email or telephone.


Address (only for visiting, no postage) :
Fukai 529, Ishigaki, 907-0451 Okinawa
email: pepeandmaki★ (replace★with @)

tel: +81-(0)90-7711-6005 (facetime/whatsapp)

  • There is no obvious sign to guide you, in order to keep our studio private. It’s a flat house with many palm trees in the garden.
  • Since the atelier and the residence are separate, we are unable to respond outside of the appointed time.
  • No mail can be received at the atelier.


  • It takes about 20-30 minutes from the city center and 15-20 minutes from New Ishigaki Airport.
  • A cab from the city center costs around 7,000 yen. (Many cabs do not use a navigation system, so it is more accurate to use your own app to navigate. Azuma Taxi will bring you to us exactly using navigation system).
  • There is a parking lot in the front yard of the atelier.


  • The nearest bus stop is “Yonehara Yashibayashi Iriguchi (Yonehara Palm Trees)”. It is 10 meters from the atelier. Please call us on the morning of the day of your visit, as it may be possible to adjust your reservation time back or forth according to the bus.
  • For those who are going to and from the city, the “1-day free pass” (1000 yen) is the cheapest. For those who stay in Ishigaki Island for a long time, “Michikusa Free Pass (5-day free pass)” (2000 yen) is the best price.
  • The schedule is for reference only, but please refer to the Azuma Bus website for the latest information as the schedule is subject to change.

Coming from the city:

Bus TerminalArt Hotel (North end of the city)Yonehara Yashibayashi Iriguchi
⑪Yonehara campground line, direction Yonehara and Kabira8:308:549:26
⑧West-Ibaruma line10:4511:43
⑪Yonehara campground line, direction Yonehara and Kabira11:3011:5412:26
②West-around line (No operation on Sundays and National Holidays, and June 23rd)15:1016:08
②West-around line17:3518:33

Going to the city :

Yonehara Yashibayashi Iriguchi Art Hotel (North end of the city)Bus Terminal
③East-around line8:299:26
⑧West-Ibaruma line13:1414:11
⑪Yonehara campground line, direction Bus Terminal13:2413:5614:21
⑪Yonehara campground line, direction Bus Terminal16:2416:5617:21

Coming from the New Ishigaki Airport:

New Ishigaki AirportYonehara Yashibayashi Iriguchi
⑪Yonehara campground line, direction Bus Terminal12:0012:23
⑪Yonehara campground line, direction Bus Terminal15:0015:23

Going to the New Ishigaki Airport:

Yonehara Yashibayashi Iriguchi New Ishigaki Airport
⑪Yonehara campground line, direction Yonehara and Kabira10:2710:50
⑪Yonehara campground line, direction Yonehara and Kabira13:2713:50


  • We have compiled a map of recommended spots within walking distance around the atelier. Please use it as a reference to spend a day vacation in Yonehara.
  • There is no restaurant in Yonehara village except for lunch. A store is located in Yoshihara village (5km away), so we recommend that you procure pre-fab food, etc. in advance.
  • Therefore, we do not recommend staying in Yonehara village if you do not have a car. However, some people make full use of buses, and hitchhike is even an option.



Maki Ueda