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Making herbal water with local botany,
mainly with Shell Ginger.

We will pick and distill local herb as Gettou Leaves (Shell Ginger Leaves), and make herbal water.  This workshop offers findings and inspirations, and therefore suitable for educational purposes.
The herbal water (100ml-200ml) could be used as room sprays and cosmetic water.
Time needed: 2 hours
Price: 12,000 yen (incl. tax) p.p.
– 30,000 yen (incl. tax) for a group of 3 pers.
– for a group more than 3 pers., additional 2,000 yen p.p.(incl. tax)
– Cash only
RSVP., limited to one group per session. Call +81-(0)90-7711-6005 (Facetime/Whatsapp) if shorter than 24 hours.

The herbal water could be used as followings:

  • As a lotion
  • For cooling down when sweating (sterilization effect → body odor prevention)
  • After bathing, preventing mildew in the bathroom
  • For cleaning (spray the finishing touches where you don’t want mold to grow)
  • For summer lunches and lunch boxes (antiseptic effect)
  • For sleeping, on pillows (it prevents mold)
  • To freshen up the interior of your car
  • To repel insects (islanders actually use it to repel mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rodents)