Scent is not just something to be consumed. It is a seed to grow the better world.

It is “food for thought”, a scent that asks questions, a scent that changes consciousness for a better society. Scent has the power to carry a message. SCENT FOR THOUGHT is an approach to fragrance that is different from that of luxury fragrances. Scented products are normally commodity for consumption. Ours leave seeds in mind.

Made in Ishigaki Island. A craft fragrance produced in consideration of the natural environment in line with SDG’s.

  • Payment Method: Credit Card
  • Shipping outside of Japan is in currently under preparation. Actual shipping costs will be calculated based on size.
  • Shipping preparation takes about 1 week. Most of the items are air-dangerous goods and will be shipped by sea, which takes an average of more than 2 weeks after shipment, depending on a location.