In response to a lot of requests, Atelier PEPE releases a couple of perfumes inspired by Ishigaki Island’s fragrant flowers. They will be released in June. Please reserve as much as possible because they are limited editions!
a. Sagaribana (Barringtonia racemosa) eau de cologne
From June to August they start bloming in the beginning of the night, and they release the fragrance in the atomosphere.  Before the morning they fall. PEPE has created a perfume inspired by this scent. It’s very subtle so it could be used daily.
1 ml, 1,300 JPY (incl. tax)
b. Mani (Arenga engleri)  eau de cologne  / natural extract
They only bloom in this area in Japan. It’s a sort of palm flowers, called Mani locally. They are fragrant in April – fruity floral.  They are to be seen in Yonehara area in this island.  PEPE has a technique to extract naturally from this flower.  It’s a very natural scent but you could use it as eau de cologne.
Limited editions (300 in total) 1 ml  1,500 JPY (including tax)
Shipping and handling: 300 JPY

How to pay:
*Paypal (incl. credit card payment)
*Japan post bank
How to reserve: please specify
* your name
* tel. nr
* address
* the perfume you want and the quantity
* the desired payment method
and send an email to pepeandmaki [at]