From outside of Japan:

You are lucky!  You can add domestic flights to your international flight with relatively low cost, about 10,000 to 13,000 yen per flight, anywhere from Japan to Ishigaki Airport.  This is already a reason to come to Ishigaki. You fly 3.5 hour from Tokyo and you only pay this ! 🙂

JAL Yokoso Japan fare

* You can book the flights at the local JAL, JALPAK, or JTB office. I often order at JTB Amsterdam.

ANA Experience Japan Fare

Please note the blackout dates.

If you can’t still find the flights, here are still some LCC options.

From Tokyo: find flights via Osaka(KIX), or Okinawa (OKA)

Tokyo(TYO)-Osaka(KIX)-Ishigaki(ISG) : Peach Aviation

Tokyo(TYO)-Okinawa(OKA): Jetstar, Vanilla Air, Skymark

Okinawa(OKA)-Ishigaki(ISG): JAL, ANA, Solaseed Air

From Osaka: Peach Aviation flies direct to Ishigaki daily


Nowadays there are some direct international flights to Ishigaki Isl!

From Hong Kong: Hong Kong Express, daily

From Taiwan: China Airlines, three times a week